Academic Research Team.

Keele University
Keele University
Dr. Nigel Cassidy
Keele University

Applied and Environmental Geophysics Group The Applied and Environmental Geophysics Group at Keele University is one of Europe’s leading centres for near-surface geophysics research. It is fully equipped with the latest geophysical equipment, bespoke data processing, numerical modelling software and high-end computing facilities. Dr Cassidy is an expert in Ground Penetrating Radar, Electrical imaging and geotechnical engineering.

The objective of the work with The Clay Research Group is to produce three dimensional, time lapse imagery of moisture movement in clay-rich soils in areas of mature, standing trees using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT). To find out more about ERT click here.

University of Southampton
Southampton University
Professor William Powrie
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Professor Powrie’s has an interest in all aspects of geotechnical design and construction including retaining walls, landfill, leachates, embankment stability issues and so forth.

He will be leading the ground remediation team, exploring techniques for reducing hydraulic conductivity and enhancing the stability of clay soils subject to seasonal, root induced clay shrinkage. To find out more about Electrokinesis click here.

BRE :: building research and consultancy
The Building Research Establishment
Hilary Skinner
Centre for Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Hilary Skinner is the Head of the Geotechnics Group at BRE and is the Vice Chair of the BGA. She has been involved in projects involving partially saturated soils, filled ground, ground treatment, in situ testing and foundation design.

Hilary will be the project leader, liaising with insurers providing updates and representing The Clay Research Group at conferences etc., whilst being actively involved with all aspects of the research.

Birmingham University
Birmingham University
Dr Jeremy Pritchard
BioSciences Department

The BioSciences Department is interested in the physiological and biochemical processes which control plant growth and development at both cellular and whole plant level, and how changes in the environment alter this. Techniques for the measurement of turgor, osmotic pressure and solutes in single cells are central.

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