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MatLab are one of the leading soils testing laboratories in the UK, specialising in root induced clay shrinkage. Current projects include researching the benefits of the oedometer to measure swell using disturbed samples, the flexure of masonry in bending and the modelling of consolidation. MatLab will be providing the soil for the laboratory based work at Keele and carrying out the site investigations for the duration of the project.

Aldenham School for Boys.

We have initial agreement, subject to agreeing the scope of the project, from the school to use their site for the project. Aldenham is a private school, established for over 400 years in 100 acres of Hertfordshire countryside. The school offers a unique opportunity for our program, situated on outcropping London Clay with many mature trees in the private grounds, and accessible to the researchers.

At a recent Inspection Aldenham was praised for its outstanding extra-curricular programme and hopefully we will be able to expand on this, joining with them to explore the benefits of ERT.

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